Inventions from the Future

Inventions from the future
are here now!


Are you interested in starting a new and unique business or expanding
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Jenna Orion is not only a nonfiction author, designer, and inventor, she is also a time-traveler with human, men from our past.  

Her inventions were acquired during her experiences of visiting our future with these men. She has now created one of those inventions, had it manufactured, packaged and created a website. It is now a ready made start up company for someone with online marketing expertise. 
This product ultimately ended up with an extremely high profit margin, one that would shock the savviest shark!
Jenna’s original plan was to activate this business in the near future. She eventually decided to sell the exclusive rights to this start up company; the invention, website and large inventory. Jenna is in the middle of finishing a very important book that will changes history. Her time is consumed with this very important story that is needed to bring more new reality to the public.
If you are experienced in marketing, especially if you already work in internet marketing, this business will be a great opportunity for you.

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Video Synopsis of Jenna’s first book:

The Legend of ‘The Nine,’ The Untold Story


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