About Jenna

Jenna Orion, a former fashion designer for the entertainment industry, is an inventor, author and part-time inter-dimensional and time-traveler. Throughout life she has been the spokesperson for a group of omnipotent, God-like, human space travelers that she calls ‘The Nine’; men from our past. The Nine’ are as human as we are; what sets them apart is their God-like essence of pure love and ability to create magical manifestations out of thin air.

She currently has two nonfiction books: ‘Ins and Outs of Heaven’ and ‘The Legend of ‘The Nine,’ The Untold Story;’ her autobiography. Jenna’s first two books are unique; unlike anything you would ever expect and like nothing you have heard before! Her third book will be coming out soon. It will supply the pieces of the larger puzzle of life; a shocking book that will change history and be more controversial than the first one; never-the-less true.

She is currently seeking a video producer for a television documentary that will save millions of lives in our near future. This video is the result of 3 recent time travels into the future.

In the past, Jenna disseminated Their earlier messages and teachings through self-help and spiritual development classes as well as through lectures about her early experiences in Orlando and Gulf Breeze, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Charlotte and Sylva, North Carolina.