Ins and Outs of Heaven – Introduction

‘Ins and outs of Heaven’ is the true story of my journey through life to discover a road map to Heaven through star-gazing. I had the same unanswered questions that most of us have; how does the cycle of life truly function, is Heaven real, where is it, how do we get there, and will I see my loved ones again who have passed on?

I sought those answers and more from a place out in the Heavens where all-encompassing God-like love, peace, and harmony exist.

As a result of my curiosity I have lived a very fascinating life; I gained answers to our unanswered questions as magical manifestations began to appear out of thin air and events were orchestrated in my life to bring those answers. I later learned that all of these events were created for me by a group of highly evolved, spiritually enlightened Master type entities that I collectively call my guides; they are much like Jesus in their evolutionary status.

I ultimately received a visit at my home from one of these guides. He lifted the veil to allow me to watch our ‘full cycle of life in action’; on that day I witnessed a ‘forever life’ that has no end. As it turns out the details of this entire experience are very complex, nevertheless they are outlined in detail in this book.

Throughout my life I have experienced many trips to Heaven, as well as receiving visitors from Heaven; each visit contributing facts that validate that Heaven is a real physical place.

Those same guides provided the answers to our heartfelt questions through a ‘roadmap to Heaven 9.0!’

Compiled as one seamless story of facts, magical manifestations and unique experiences, I am now able to share the answers with you that I have spent many years star-gazing to unveil. Here’s hoping that this big picture will make living life more user friendly for all of us, especially for those with failing health.

You mentally asked some of the same questions as I did; voila, the answers to your questions are now at your fingertips.