Peep Inside: Ins and Outs of Heaven – Excerpts


‘Ins and Outs of Heaven’ is the true story of my journey through life to discover a road map to Heaven through star-gazing. I had the same unanswered questions that most of us have; how does the cycle of life truly function, is Heaven real, where is it, how do we get there, and will I see my loved ones again who have passed on?

I sought those answers and more from a place out in the Heavens where all-encompassing God-like love, peace, and harmony exist.

As a result of my curiosity I have lived a very fascinating life; I gained answers to our unanswered questions as magical manifestations began to appear out of thin air and events were orchestrated in my life to bring those answers. I later learned that all of these events were created for me by a group of highly evolved, spiritually enlightened Master type entities that I collectively call my guides; they are much like Jesus in their evolutionary status.

I ultimately received a visit at my home from one of these guides. He lifted the veil to allow me to watch our ‘full cycle of life in action’; on that day I witnessed a ‘forever life’ that has no end. As it turns out the details of this entire experience are very complex, nevertheless they are outlined in detail in this book.

Throughout my life I have experienced many trips to Heaven, as well as receiving visitors from Heaven; each visit contributing facts that validate that Heaven is a real physical place.

Those same guides provided the answers to our heartfelt questions through a ‘road map to Heaven 9.0!’

Compiled as one seamless story of facts, magical manifestations and unique experiences, I am now able to share the answers with you that I have spent many years star-gazing to unveil. Here’s hoping that this big picture will make living life more user friendly for all of us, especially for those with failing health.

You mentally asked some of the same questions as I did; voila, the answers to your questions are now at your fingertips.


This educational book was created for the purpose of allowing humanity to get back to living life in the manner in which it was originally intended. Life can be more user-friendly and stress free when our true cycle of life and our evolutionary process is fully understood.

The nature of reality has been distorted over the years, causing major confusion in modern society. This in turn has caused many to stray off their intended path and purpose for living.

The collective energy of society and Earth can move into a more positive direction with the simple understanding of life’s process as it was unveiled to me.

“If you want to find the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

“My brain is only a receiver, in the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it is exists.”
Nikola Tesla

Topic # 1: Early Spiritual Teachings

As a child I went to either a Christian or a Methodist church almost every Sunday. I had a Sunday school teacher to educate me about God and how life’s process works. Those teachings didn’t always add up for me; there were always missing pieces. When I asked for answers to the missing pieces I was often told, “Those are things we are not supposed to know.” That didn’t make any sense to me either, as I thought there was an answer to everything. Their teachings were for the purpose of giving me faith in God but what they gave me was confusion and a lot of unanswered questions. I am a very detail oriented person, so I need all of the facts in order to get the big picture, not just a portion of them.

As I looked back on my journey through life I flashed back to my childhood days when my favorite thing to do was lie in the grass and look up at the night sky. I felt a connection ‘out there’ and a sense of peace and calm when gazing at the stars.

My method of getting answers to those unanswered questions was to mentally search for them as I gazed at the sky. I felt as though the answers were out there and that someday I would get all of them; I was on a mission as I continued my star-gazing.

Since I hadn’t bought into the explanations I was given about how life works from the dogmatic, religious viewpoint, I just tried to stay tuned in to nature and stay connected to my spirit or soul as much as I did my physical body. I allowed the connection I felt with the stars to stay present with me.

When going to bed after a night of gazing at the stars, I felt as though I was not alone. I could sense something around my solar plexus area that felt harmonious and safe. It was as if someone like a guardian Angel was watching over me, which made no sense to me at that time.

At that point, I decided that instead of accepting the answers, or lack thereof, from the religious teachers, I would no longer consider myself to be religious; I would just be spiritual. With that philosophy I stayed open minded and allowed my soul to teach me whatever it had to offer. This new way of thinking took me on a journey of many twists and turns while searching for the answers to those same unanswered questions that many of us have. When the answers did come to me, they came in unusual ways. They always made sense and seemed very natural.

In the end, I found the missing pieces to the puzzle of life and understood how the cycle of life really works; in essence, I was presented a roadmap to Heaven. I had no idea that one day I would take many trips out there into the universe where I would often end up in Heaven and still be able to return to Earth. I didn’t realize that I would one day have visitors from Heaven coming to me right here on Earth to communicate, but that is exactly what happened. I had no idea why I felt connected to something out there in that vast sky; I just felt it was normal to connect with whatever it was and it helped me stay emotionally balanced.

Topic # 2: Spiritual Guidance

My life has been like a treasure hunt to find Heaven and to find out what our connection to God is; it paid off because I found both and much more.

I discovered that I have several of these highly evolved spiritual Master type guides that watch over me; each one of them exudes a different spiritual energy that has its own identity. I have learned to discern who each one is by their spirit/aura that exudes the loving essence of who they really are; each Master’s distinctive energy acts as their identifier instead of a face.

I have always known Jesus as a person and I viewed him as a friend in just the same manner as I knew anyone on Earth. This is not to say that He was on the same spiritual level as people on Earth but in reality He is someone I have known in the past.

Many people use different terminology to describe their experiences with a source that is more highly evolved than we are. Some have stated that Jesus answers their prayers by doing things for them or giving them something, just as I was taught in my childhood. Instead of using the word prayer, I call it meditation; it is the same thing except that in my meditation, I don’t ask God to do something for me, I ask what I can do for the higher good of humanity, to fulfill my purpose here on Earth and to know what I need to know.

Some people state that God is speaking to them. Some say it is an Angel or an Ascended Master who spoke to them, some even use the term ‘God Source’ instead of God. Each person defines this type of communication differently. In essence, what they and their soul know is that they are being communicated with by an entity that is of a higher spiritual wisdom than we are.

The Master type entities that I collectively call my guides speak to me telepathically, use thought transfer, and create events in my life. They have an uncanny way of doing this. Every time it seems as though the event was just a coincidence, later I find that the event had been orchestrated by my guides to give me clarity on a particular new teaching.

I have had a long lifetime of visits with these various Masters with great powers. I recall a time when I was traveling for work and staying at a hotel. At that time I felt as though I was stuck in a work place that wasn’t flowing with the universe or my life’s mission, so I decided to seek assistance through meditation.

I was centering myself and getting into my higher consciousness, when suddenly, I felt a very powerful presence in the room. I had just started to pray to Jesus for guidance on the next step in my life’s mission. Suddenly my hair follicles were standing on end from a God-like energy that I felt right in front of me. I sensed the outline of this male figure as if I was looking at a solid person.

Since I was praying to Jesus, I assumed it was Him. This male Entity then started to communicate with me. I immediately interrupted His speech and asked, “Are you Jesus?” He replied through a loud and clear telepathic communication: “No, I am referred to as ‘Ancient of Days’ in the Bible. I have come to tell you to leave your current work and proceed with your own spiritual service as our spokesperson for a higher teaching. You have much work to do to help the people of your planet.”

I communicate with these entities, my guides, in the same manner that others communicate with God or Jesus and I feel protected by them. I know I am also protected by my soul and gut feelings as well; it is the powerful force that we each possess and the guidance we are meant to live by. This soul guidance allows me to end up in the right place at just the right time without effort when I pay attention to its promptings; it is normal and effortless. I have to listen and heed the soul guidance for it to be successful.

The spiritually enlightened beings are assisting me with specific things because they want those things shared with the public. As I said earlier, they consider me as their spokesperson. Their multi-faceted teachings allow us to know who we really are, what the true nature of reality is, where we came from, where we go when we leave Earth, as well as how we get to Heaven. They have shared with me the details of how the universe, and our cycle of life truly functions.

When they communicate with me, they use two methods: telepathic dictations and a form of communication known as ‘thought transfer.’ It is merely a mental transfer of words of knowledge from a guide with a higher spiritual consciousness than mine. The spiritual guide merges consciousness with me and transfers a series of words to my soul and it is then received by the brain.

The first time this happened to me, it started out as a sentence that was telepathically being transmitted to me, then in the middle of the sentence the words changed course and were transmitted through the soul and ended up becoming my thoughts. At that point, I could verbally voice this information to the listener as if they are my words or thoughts; it is all happening almost simultaneously, although I am aware at that time that those words were transferred to me and were not really my thoughts. I believe they did it this way so that I would be aware of how the transfer takes place.

This process is totally different than a trance channeling situation where an entity takes over your physical body; that never happens to me because I clearly stated in the beginning of my work with the guides that I would never want to be a trance channeler. They have honored this request since they are all about allowing free will.
End of excerpt.

Enjoy the book and thanks for making contact.