9Messages of the Moment

‘Messages of the Moment’ are telepathically dictated messages from The Nine and other Ascended Masters and meant for the general public. 9News and alerts are sent privately to our email subscribers at no cost. Sign up by clicking here.

May 2019 Message:

A few years back we started warning the public about our food supply. At that time we stated that there would be a crop ‘blight’; our fresh foods, fruits and vegetables would become diseased. In other words the food would be a lesser quality and not as edible.

This prediction did come to pass. For the last couple of years the blight has been affecting our crops. The quality of the fresh foods has been very poor, as many of you have likely noticed.

“May 2019’s message is: This current blight will be extended for the next foreseeable future of at least one more year. We are very concerned regarding the quality and shortages of fresh foods, fruits and vegetable continuing with this blight situation. All of this is due to climate changes that create crop blights.”

‘The Nine’

“An open mind receives and learns from it”. ‘The Nine’

“The Legend of ‘The Nine’ is the most authentic Christmas story ever told.”
(However, it is not the story you think it is, it is a new and more accurate version that finally makes sense.) ‘The Nine’

What’s happening on Earth is a series of processes that will result in “one nation under God.” ‘The Nine’

There are three prerequisites for peace, harmony, and happiness; they are Love, Love and Love! Create your new year with Love. ‘The Nine’

“Life is an alone process.” ‘The Nine’

The new reality that is laid out in Jenna’s books will put you in the driver’s seat of life as the facts in the book create a new GPS within you that will guide you to a new power you didn’t know you had.

“New Reality”

Jenna gained a whole new reality as a result of the teachings she received from The Nine during Their visits. They are Messengers from God and here to bring this accurate understanding of reality to mankind, to free us from the false reality we have been living in.

A WHOLE NEW REALITY: What does that mean?

Reality is the state of things as they actually are, or as they actually exist, rather than what they may appear to be or what we may think them to be. Reality is the truth behind the false perspectives.

Everything is what it is. Everything that is already has been and always will be what it is. We can never change that. I call this the isness principle.

Our perceptions were created by what we were taught. This will all be very clear after you have read the shocking messages from The Nine. With these new teachings, we have the ability to perceive things as they actually are. You can gain a whole new reality about life through the aid of the knowledge The Nine have brought us, if you keep an open mind.

Thanks for making contact once again.