Topics Covered in The Legend of ‘The Nine’

These are some of the detailed events that transpired in Jenna’s life and revealed in this 262 page book:

Witnesses to Jenna’s encounters
Magical manifestations out of thin air
Earth & societal changes to come in our future
Her Ascension experience
Her near death experience
Learning of our lives before birth
Her x-ray vision experiences
Visits with friends & family after their deaths, both here
& on the other side
A message from the other side regarding NY’s 911 incident
Witnessing advanced medical equipment inside the spacecraft
Revelations of our protection from nuclear disasters
Her remote viewing events
Answers to the unexplained mysteries of the ages that make sense
Shocking secrets revealed to prove we have been living a lie
Electrifying ‘Restructurings’ of her cells to gain an enhanced soul
Learning of her parallel & simultaneous lives
Spiritual healings of her physical body
Amazing facts about her earliest experiences with the Messengers