About the Book

Jenna was one of the subjects of the late John E. Mack, MD, Pulitzer Prize-Winning author, professor at Harvard Medical School and renowned alien researcher. After a meeting was orchestrated for her by The Nine it resulted in Doctor Mack documenting Jenna’s story as authentic and uncommon: He was quoted as saying;

“After meeting with Jenna and performing a regression on her, it is my opinion that her experiences of alien encounters are authentic. Her encounters are less common because they have been with various intelligences, such as humanoid Light Beings, and not limited to the Greys. Jenna’s encounters have had a powerful impact on her spiritual evolution and sense of her own power. They have allowed her to discover capacities for healing and being of service to other people.”


The Legend of ‘The Nine’ is a book filled with surprises; just one bizarre, seemingly coincidental experience after another. It is a story that takes you on a fascinating and positive journey that will completely revolutionize the way you think about your life and our very existence.

Jenna’s ‘Close Encounters of ‘The Nine’ Kind’ ™ create a captivating story as secrets from The Nine are revealed to her that have been kept from us for eons; secrets that prove we have been living a lie. These beings possess all-knowing abilities and have shared knowledge with her throughout her life.

They say they are ‘Messengers from God’ and ‘Brothers of Man.’ In actuality, these all-knowing men are spiritually evolved humans from our past; however, living today. They travel in dozens of mesmerizingly beautiful and identical craft. These men come from a place Jenna calls home.

They are here to protect us, bring multi-faceted teachings, and share prophecies about Earth and societal changes, as well as economic changes. Their goal is to prepare us for what is to come and save lives.

They also have the power to manifest objects out of thin air, bizarre but so true. Their great powers will mesmerize you as their manifestations appear out of thin air.

Her ongoing visits with these men have been aboard their craft, here on Earth and at their location. The teachings she received from them along with her experiences with them have given her answers to many mysteries of the ages as well as the true meaning of life. Answers that finally make sense! Her in-person visits with these men primarily occur during the daytime hours but always when she is wide-awake.

Jenna shares her in-person visits with friends and family after their death, both here on Earth and on the other side. In addition, she shares her visits with various Ascended Masters, one of which explained that he is known as ‘Ancient of Days’ in the Bible. He possesses all-knowingness and powers beyond comprehension. He and other Ascended Masters are working in unison with The Nine to guide Jenna in her life’s mission with them as spokesperson to disseminate their wisdom that teaches and protects us.

These men are always specific, detailed and clear in their messages through telepathy as they reveal teachings that give new meaning to life, allow you to create your destiny and set you free.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the journey and have as many AHA moments as Jenna has had while experiencing these events.

** The Team Leader for The Nine has made his first public appearance in modern times. See his portrait on the ‘Meet the Team Leader for ‘The Nine’ page’.

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