Jenna Orion, a former fashion designer for the entertainment industry, is now an inventor, author, and part-time inter-dimensional and time-traveler. She is currently seeking a development producer to share her life story.
Jenna continues to work full-time with a group of space travelers that have been with her since the day she was born. It has now been more than 70 years since they landed on the property of her family.
Her latest book, ‘The Big Reveal’ will be released in June 2021. She is offering a FREE copy of this eBook upon request.
Throughout life, she has been the spokesperson for this group of omnipotent, God-like, human space travelers that she calls ‘The Nine’; men from our past. The Nine’ are as human as we are; what sets them apart is their God-like essence of pure love and magical manifestations out of thin air. She currently has two nonfiction books: ‘Ins and Outs of Heaven’ and ‘The Legend of ‘The Nine,’ The Untold Story;’ her autobiography.
Jenna’s life story is unique; unlike anything, you would ever expect, and like nothing you have heard before! She became a ten-year subject of the late Dr. John E. Mack, Harvard Professor, hypnotic regressionist, and alien researcher in 1993. Dr. Mack was quoted as saying, in part; it is my opinion that her experiences are “authentic and uncommon, they have been with various intelligences, such as humanoid Light Beings.”
In the 70’s and 80’Jenna’s story made its way to Alan Landsburg Productions, the Unsolved Mysteries show, and an east coast producer. She received offers but declined them for privacy reasons.
Jenna is currently seeking a development producer to share her story through a television documentary. At this stage of life, she feels her privacy is less important than broadcasting the messages of these nine space travelers.
• Testimonial letters regarding the accuracy of their future predictions are available upon request.

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