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Have you ever wondered where we came from?

In ‘The Big Reveal’ you will make that discovery right along with additional fascinating disclosures. After reading this book you will also have new revelations unfold for you that you had never thought about. It is definitely the biggest reveal of the century.

The Big Reveal’ is the continuation of Jenna Orion’s life story; the first book is The Legend of ‘The Nine,’ The Untold Story. These books are here to bring enlightenment through a group of 9 spiritually evolved humans known as ‘Messengers from God’; these men are not aliens, although they travel in spacecraft. Most of these men have remained nameless until now. The names being revealed bring a whole new meaning to Jenna’s life story!

These men have come to set the record straight on so many areas of disinformation. Their intent is to help us right along with assisting the universes to progress and evolve fluidly. For 70 plus years they have worked with Jenna to dictate telepathic messages, orchestrate miraculous events, magical manifestations, and ultimately transported her to dimensions unseen by the naked eye. All of this is for the same purposes. In the end, you will discover those efforts have woven a story of truth previously unknown to man. Collectively these teachings and events reveal a new reality, one most of us never dreamed existed.

This book is Jenna’s gift to the Universes. Please feel to accept a FREE eBook copy of ‘The Big Reveal.’ It is available only upon request. Please send your request by email. Write the title of the eBook you want in the subject section and send it to: Jenna@JennaOrion.com. Your emails remain private.

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Jenna Orion ( 2021)


The Big Reveal Book Reviews:

‘The Big Reveal’ In the Words of the late Dr. John E. Mack World-Renowned Harvard Professor, and Alien Researcher, and Jenna Orion picks up where The Legend of the Nine: The Untold Story left off. Going into depths of information shared to Jenna from these spiritually enlightened humans she works closely with. Surprisingly, The Big Reveal identifies who some of these beings are, which will shake the world! (not giving it away). The book reveals fundamentals about our consciousness, reality, and the nature of time itself. Jenna’s mission is to help prepare humanity for great coming global changes, just like catastrophes in Earth’s past with the Great Flood that Noah prepared for.

Jenna was witness to our ‘cycle of life in action,’ During each incarnation in another dimension, one learns more and increases our consciousness in order to achieve our highest possible level over our lifetimes. The Nine say most people on Earth have been living their life according to the guidelines regarding God, life on Earth and afterlife according to what they were taught as children. They stated, “We have come to set the record straight.”

Kevin Estrella

Pyramids on Mars UFO radio



The Big Reveal

Jenna’s story in the Big Reveal picks up where the other stories may have left off and fills in some of the missing pieces.  Jenna’s story goes into more detail about her experience on an star cousin’s (I prefer to call them that rather than “aliens”) ship and what happened to her as they healed her body.  Each person’s story is different based on their own personal human experiences as well as their veiled past, and reading Jenna’s story keeps you turning the pages.  She takes us along as she learns new knowledge about Earth’s people and its evolution from these space traveling humans she feels are like family to her.

Thank you Jenna for being brave enough to share your stories.  You are one of the light-bringers shining your experience and knowledge as a beacon of hope to others.

with loving gratitude, Anita

The Big Reveal:
Your Amazing Jenna 💜
Thank You for everything ✨✨
For those of us who have been with you since the beginning, there is just a deep knowing that what you’ve shared from the nine is true.
Angel Smiles

The Big Reveal:

Very Fascinating and Astounding!

Laurie A.
I ordered Jenna’s first book: “Legend of the Nine” a few years ago and I really enjoyed reading about her experience with those highly evolved beings. So the “The Big Reveal’ came to me as a surprise and I was very excited to read it. Her experience working with The Nine is pretty unique. She brings interesting insights about who those beings are and also about future events that are going to take place on Earth. Her encounter with Dr. John Mack really help her to accept her role as a messenger for The Nine and it’s a chance for us that he helped her in that way. I warmly recommend it.
Anael      https://anael.net/
I just finished your book; excellent writing.  What really made this information authentic, and “hit it out the ballpark” was the fact that you added the transcript of your regression session with John Mack in the book, a huge plus!!  You did a great job with this one!!
Paul L.
Jenna Orion’s new book, “The Big Reveal” is a fascinating read. I found more than one ‘Big Reveal’ in this book, and each one more fascinating than the last.  I don’t want to give away the reveals, but have to say that the book has convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a better way to live than what we have been taught, and that the better way is important and necessary for our continued growth as a people. So worth the read! I highly recommend it to anyone, especially those who are seeking enlightenment.

The Big Reveal, Wow, most amazing I came across. The Holy Spirit, I was shaking when I read that page. I will read The Big Reveal again, amazing, blew my mind away.
   Ins and Out of Heaven, ANOTHER AMAZING BOOK, LOVE IT.
The Legend of The Nine, The Untold Story, wish I was on the 😁 ship, lots🤩love. The NEXT ONE, huge hugs, till The NEXT 0NE.              S. Weber


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