Who is Jenna Orion

  • Why is Jenna Orion’s life with the group of space travelers she calls ‘The Nine’ different than that of other people on Earth who have been abducted?

First of all Jenna was never abducted by the group she calls ‘The Nine.’ She did go aboard their spacecraft but only after she asked to go with them, after feeling a strong spiritual connection with them. While aboard their craft she discovered that these men were not aliens, but rather a group of humans that look just like us. What sets them apart is their extremely high spiritual energy that emanates from their body due to their level of spiritual evolution. These men have knowledge and powers beyond our current comprehension. After reading Eve of Destruction you will get a better sense of their intentions and purposes for using Jenna as their spokesperson.

Jenna is the biggest skeptic in the world! She knows how crazy this story sounds!  It is controversial, however every word is true. These men appeared at her birth and have been with her or nearby ever since that day. She has held that secret for her own privacy throughout the years until 201 That was when her book, ‘The Legend of ‘The Nine,’ the Untold Story’ began to divulge some of her secrets that she has learned throughout the years.  

The Nine men orchestrated a meeting for Jenna with the late John E. Mack, MD. Dr. Mack is a Pulitzer Prize-Winning author, professor at Harvard Medical School and renowned alien researcher. After this first meeting with Dr. Mack Jenna became one of his subjects. They worked together on her experience for 10 years. He was responsible to giving Jenna the courage to tell her story.

Dr. Mack was later quoted as saying:
“After meeting with Jenna and performing a regression on her, it is my opinion that her experiences of alien encounters are authentic. Her encounters are less common because they have been with various intelligences, such as humanoid Light Beings, and not limited to the Greys. Jenna’s encounters have had a powerful impact on her spiritual evolution and sense of her own power. They have allowed her to discover capacities for healing and being of service to other people.”

The purpose for these nine men being here on Earth is to save lives and set the records straight regarding so many misconceptions that we were taught in error.

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