The Legend of ‘The Nine’ The Untold Story

‘Close Encounters of The Nine Kind’
Jenna’s Visits with Ominipotent
Extraterrestrial Humans
‘Documented as authentic and uncommon’
by John E. Mack, M.D., Harvard Professor and Alien Researcher

Paperback and eBook now available around the world.

‘The Nine,’ co-authors of this book say Jenna’s true life story is ‘the greatest Christmas story ever told’!
‘A unique, positive story about spiritually evolved men from our past who travel in spacecraft, as opposed
to unusual looking beings who torture and frighten.’
Per her request, Jenna was ‘taken aboard’ the spacecraft
of nine all-knowing men from our past who live today;
this after her lifetime of in-person visits with them.
Jenna is the first modern day woman to report
an account as groundbreaking as this;
one that will change history and the meaning of life!

Jenna Orion is the first modern day individual to report a story of this magnitude and importance. It is a story that takes you on a positive mystical journey that will completely revolutionize the way you think about your life and our very existence. A true story that is nothing like you would ever expect and unlike anything you have read or heard about other space travelers.

‘The Legend of The Nine’ introduces a new group of nine human space travelers. They say they are ‘Messengers from God’ and ‘Brothers of Man.’ Jenna calls them ‘The Nine’ because there are nine of them. They are very tall and appear to be of various ancient civilizations or various nationalities. They exude overwhelming love, possess a God-like essence and have striking good looks.

The knowledge received from The Nine is an unfolding mystery in progress. As it progresses it makes more sense to our lives; it is giving us the big picture of what life is all about. This knowledge seems to be endless but in reality it is quite simple and sounds more like fact than the fictional way that most of us run our lives. We are a molded society that has gone astray due to as The Nine have said, “Life is an alone process.”

The Nine reveal secrets, bring multi-faceted teachings, grant healings, and make life more vibrant. This is not your usual alien story. In fact, it’s not about aliens at all, but humans from our past returned to Earth to share their wisdom.

Just saying the word “spacecraft” conjures images of fear and torture. But what if a journey on a spacecraft brought true joy instead? Jenna Orion is living proof that it can.

All her life, Jenna Orion tried to deny that the miraculous events she experienced were more than mere coincidences. After endless in-person visits with these omnipotent men, both on Earth and at their location, things culminated in her being taken aboard the spacecraft of these men.

After learning the truths behind the way we live, Jenna took on the cloak of spokesperson. This book is her megaphone.


“Having read Dr. Mack’s book just two weeks before reading ‘The Legend of The Nine’ was quite a sequel in spiritual guidance for me. This book is a testament of a person that should be a role model to all of us spiritual seekers, for now and the future.”
L.R. Illinois

“I enjoyed this book and finished it in a weekend. I couldn’t put it down! Jenna’s encounters with the Nine are a fascinating account of one woman’s interactions with E.T.’s. I am a believer in the probability of alien life forms, and Jenna skillfully tells her story so well, that I thought about it for many days afterward. It was disturbing, thought provoking, and hopeful, at the same time. I was almost disappointed to finish the book and felt that there much more she could write about this subject. Here’s hoping a sequel is in the works! I eagarly look forward to reading Jenna’s next book.”
Edmund Blackadder

“What an amazing book by Jenna Orion speaking her truth on a subject matter most people prefer to ignore. Jenna takes the reader on an incredible journey on her own very personnel true story of her life with beings beyond our understanding. A powerful book that lets the reader know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is so much more and this more is so very positive!”

“Lots of ‘eye openers’ in this book! ‘The Legend of The Nine’ is very well written and the events described are so detailed that it’s like you can ‘see’ them happening in your Mind’s Eye! There’s so much fantastic info in this book that when you think you’ve finished reading it…you’ll want to go back through it just to see if you’ve missed anything.” Peace, Limo

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This is his first public appearance in modern times.
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