Video: Jenna Orion’s ‘Ascension’ — Not an Alien Abduction


This story is like nothing you would expect and unlike other alien stories that are common.

The Legend of ‘The Nine’, The Untold Story a non-fiction story, documented as ‘Authentic and Uncommon’ by the late Dr. John E. Mack, Harvard Professor and alien researcher.

The Nine men orchestrated a meeting for Jenna and the late John E. Mack, MD. After this first meeting with Dr. Mack Jenna became one of his subjects. Dr. Mack is a Pulitzer Prize-Winning author, professor at Harvard Medical School and renowned alien researcher.

Dr. Mack was later quoted as saying:
“After meeting with Jenna and performing a regression on her, it is my opinion that her experiences of alien encounters are authentic. Her encounters are less common because they have been with various intelligences, such as humanoid Light Beings, and not limited to the Greys. Jenna’s encounters have had a powerful impact on her spiritual evolution and sense of her own power. They have allowed her to discover capacities for healing and being of service to other people.”

‘The Legend of ‘The Nine’ is a story unlike anything you would ever expect and like nothing you have heard before.‘

Jenna Orion has re-written history through her fascinating, ‘one of a kind’ experiences. She was ultimately ‘Beamed Up’ from a beach near Clearwater, Florida after a prior failed attempt some years back.

Aboard this craft she met with nine all-knowing God-like men from her past who are from a place she calls home.These men are as human as we are and have striking good looks, as opposed to the unusual looking space travelers that frighten and torture humans. She is happy to announce that her experiences are ongoing today and continue to occur when she is wide awake, as opposed to a recall in a regression.

Since this book was printed Jenna’s experiences have escalated to the point of the ‘Team Leader’ appearing in her home in solid physical form on more than one occasion. The security alarm was activated on each occasion.This event is just the tip of the iceberg of the experiences and travels she has taken with them in recent times. Stay tuned for the new information coming out this year.

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