Meet the Team Leader for the ‘The Nine’


Jenna is extremely honored to have been ‘chosen’ as the spokesperson for ‘The Nine’ as well as having the great honor of unveiling the portrait of their Team Leader at this time. The Nine are nine human Messengers from God, Brothers of Man, and co-authors of Jenna’s books. They travel to Earth in spacecraft and come from a place she calls home. They have had continual in-person visits with Jenna throughout her life; although this is the Team Leaders’ first appearance to the public in modern times.

The Nine exude a God-like essence of pure love, powers beyond comprehension, and are unlike other space travelers who frighten and torture humanity. The Nine are here to protect us, bring teachings, and prepare us for what is to come in our future with their forewarnings.

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The Team Leader inspired Jenna to have a portrait of him created in order for the world to have a face to relate when reading her books. His messages from their collective group share a new reality of humans traveling to Earth in spacecraft to assist humanity in many areas of life.

Daniel, an extremely talented artist, was then chosen for this project. For the last few months Daniel has diligently worked with Jenna to create a portrait of someone he has never seen in-person. All he had to go by was her day by day description and adjustment suggestions in order to create this amazing piece of art.

Throughout this process Jenna has been totally surprised and in awe as she watched this portrait come to life. She is extremely grateful to Daniel for this accomplishment and recognizes his natural gift.

‘Daniel is a recipient of the nationally recognized honors program, Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. His contribution in humanities led to a record number of awards for his alma mater at the state level.’

Please visit Daniel’s website, AscensionGateways, to view his artwork and other services.

If you are not familiar with the story of Jenna’s life with The Nine, please review the information on this website for a better understanding of who these all-knowing beings actually are. Jenna’s book, The Legend of The Nine, The Untold Story is a positive story that allows you to experience all of the seemingly coincidental events that The Nine created in her life that spell out the true reality of who we are and the powers we possess.

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