Testimonials; Jenna and ‘The Nine’


Jenna’s Communication Process with ‘The Nine.’

Jenna is a natural-born intuitive with enhancement from ‘The Nine.’ These spiritually enlightened men work in direct communication with Jenna through telepathic communication and visual display for more clarity. This process occurs when Jenna writes and communicates with individuals seeking answers to their future.

Jenna is not currently doing personal or business consultations due to time restraints.  She hopes to resume that in the future.

Testimonial Letters

Her accuracy rating speaks for itself through this sampling of excerpts from letters from personal and business individuals.   

“Not too long ago Jenna warned that New York was going to have major devastation. Then the news, a major storm was coming…‘Sandy.’  Jenna urged me to go to higher ground as she saw this storm as being the cause of major devastation that she had warned about earlier. I heeded her warning and relocated to higher ground just before the devastation hit. Thank goodness, Jenna spared me the nightmare I would have experienced had I stayed in my home. My deepest appreciation to Jenna!”

~ Diann H., NY

“Jenna did some intuitive readings for me when I lived in Atlanta. I was given her name by a fellow employee who had raved about her accuracy in her intuitive readings. I found this to be true of Jenna when I had several phone sessions with her! She is such a normal, everyday, sensitive, open, ‘down to earth’ caring person, and with a sense of humor, too!”

~ Linda K., Florida

“Over these years, since 1976, I have found Jenna’s readings to be remarkably accurate even to the point of forecasting the ultimate result for client’s cases.”

~ N. Carter, Attorney

“I met Jenna at one of her lectures where I asked her to give me an intuitive reading. I was skeptical, but she had a very relaxing presence that eventually eased me. I would go on to meet Jenna a few more times. She foretold about important people and events that would occur in my life, of which all came to fruition. Seriously, who can say that? I have met supposed and recommended intuits, but not one ever, ever, ever had the depth of Jenna’s gift of intuition.”

~ D.K., NYC

“I found that you were not only sincere but also very accurate.  If I had listened to you the end result that you predicted for my situation would have come about more quickly.  I hope your gift will bring the same happiness to many more who are willing to listen.”

~ Sandra, Tennessee

“All of the gold mine locations given to us by Jenna Orion have been confirmed as gold producing mines by our miners.”

~ R.F. Idaho

“I have known Jenna for 39 years.  She is the most spiritual person I have ever known.  I have watched her live her truths; she really walks the talk. She has shared her uncommon experiences of knowing the future in advance and watched them come to pass just as she had meticulously shared them with me.”

~ Lynn Smith, Research Service

“Again, thank you for the very thorough reading. Your accuracy about what is happening in my life now is remarkable! Your very thorough expressions in many different ways of the information you receive gives a better understanding of your perceptions. I look forward to the new predictions you gave me. I will continue to recommend you to my associates and friends.”

~ J.W., Atlanta

“Jenna, my friends have been amazed at your accuracy as they have all watched the things you told me come true.”

~ L.A., Florida

“Jenna has given me a reading that I found to be absolutely correct. I have found her to be accurate, conscientious and concerned about the people she reads for.”

~ G. S., Florida