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Ins and Outs of Heaven
The Legend of ‘The Nine’
by Jenna Orion

Co-authored by ‘The Nine’ Team Leader
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The Big Reveal
A true story with mysteries unraveled!
Co-authored by
The Holy Spirit

‘Together Jenna’s
three nonfiction books reveal the true origin of human life and the full details of how our life functions and evolves spiritually.’
Jenna’s true account of visits in Heaven, visitors from Heaven, and a visit into the ‘core of the Universe’ where all knowledge exists.

An educational book that brings answers to deep thinkers and inquiring minds who ponder these age-old questions:

Is there life after death? ~ Is Heaven a real physical place? ~ Where is it? ~ How do we get there? ~ Will we see our loved ones again who have passed on? ~ How does the cycle of life truly function?

Jenna shares her intriguing and heartwarming in-person visits, both here and on the other side, with friends and family who have passed on. She also reveals details from her visit to the ‘core of the universe’ where all knowledge exists and learned how the true cycle of life actually functions.

She discovered that teaching for the true nature of reality and our life’s cycle has been distorted by various sources throughout the centuries. This has caused major confusion in modern society. This has caused many to stray from their intended path and original purpose for being here on Earth.

As it was unveiled to Jenna, the collective energy of society and Earth can move into a more positive direction with the simple understanding of life’s process. Life can be user-friendly and stress free when our true cycle of life and our souls evolutionary process is fully understood and lived.

To some these truths may be controversial, never-the-less true!
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The Legend of The Nine, The Untold Story
‘Jenna Orion, Beamed up’
The late ‘Dr. John E. Mack, Harvard Professor
and Alien Researcher’ documented Jenna’s experiences as:
‘Authentic and Uncommon’
It is a fascinating, unfolding mystery in progress. A positive and ongoing paranormal story unlike anything you would ever expect. It is also unlike anything you have read or heard about space travelers who torture and frighten. It is an account of Jenna’s life with human extraterrestrials; men who exude a God-like essence and possess striking good looks.They travel in large groups of gigantic spacecraft.

Jenna was taken aboard one of these mesmerizing spacecraft at her request. On board this craft she met with these nine humans, men from our past, living today. They tell her they are ‘Messengers from God’ and ‘Brothers of Man;’ Jenna calls them The Nine. They come from a place she calls home.

Her story plays out in a series of bizarre adventures that were orchestrated by these men. They reveal secrets through telepathy, the truth of human origin and our intended life path. Their purpose is to reveal a true reality that makes more sense than one that many of us were programmed with. This will help us evolve spiritually, manifest and be set free!

These same men are also spoken about in the Bible. They say that Biblical facts have been misinterpreted; therefore, they are here now to tell their true story and finally set the record straight!

As you travel with Jenna through her lifetime of seemingly coincidental events, you too will have as many AH HA moments as she did.

Enjoy your travels!

Stories from The Nine are rewriting history and revolutionizing the way you think about your life and our very existence!
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‘His First Public Appearance In Modern Times’
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