Galactic Garb Etc. Merchandise

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Our product line came back to Earth as Jenna Orion descended from her trip aboard a spacecraft with nine all-knowing human space travelers that Jenna calls ‘The Nine.’

Jenna is now happy to announce that Elaine has teamed up with her in presenting Galactic Garb Etc; A new product line with continual new pics and sayings dictated to Jenna by ‘The Nine’.

The Nine are the good guys from a higher ‘Souce’ who do not torture humans; instead, they exude overwhelming love while bringing teachings, impeccable guidance, and protection for us. They are always inspiring and possess a great sense of humor. Their sayings will inspire you and allow you to be set free. Freedom is the keyword for our future!

This line of products was created to reveal messages from The Nine along with the depiction of their craft for the purpose of allowing public recognition in the very likely event of their appearance.

In the past The Nine have supplied answers to the mysteries of the ages through her book, secrets that have been kept from us for eons; the truth of our very existence and the true nature of our reality, a new truth that finally makes sense.

Jenna’s book The Legend of ‘The Nine’, The Untold Story, has inspired many readers and we hope you will enjoy the products and messages that we provide.

Join the fun and allow yourself to be set free through some of the sayings that The Nine are sending direct to you at Galactic Garb Etc.  Items begin around $5.00.  Please go to:

Galactic Garb Etc originated in 1988

New designs and sayings are continually copyrighted.

Thanks for making contact as always!
To learn more about Jenna’s story please browse this website.