The Legend of The Nine – Introduction

This book is a fascinating, true story of Jenna Orion’s life, as well as the true story of The Nine. It details many of the bizarre encounters she has had in this lifetime. These encounters are ongoing and have been with several different groups of Beings who come to Earth in spacecraft. They have been varied in intent; however, the majority of the book is about the most meaningful and purposeful encounters Jenna had with a group of Omniscient human Light Beings, men from our past. She refers to them as The Nine as there are nine of them. They are as human as we are, yet these men possess a God-like power that is beyond belief. They work in unison with various Ascended Masters who have also been guiding her throughout life. Their goal is to bring enlightening messages through Jenna as their spokesperson. The Nine leave nothing to the imagination, including the fact that they truly are Messengers from God. One of them, their Team Leader, is coauthoring her writings.

Their enlightening messages are meant to bring us information that teaches, protects us through their messages regarding future events that are to come. They are here to set the record straight and rid the false reality that many of us have been living in.

This book shares additional fascinating and inspiring spiritual events that Jenna experienced in this lifetime. These experiences were very meaningful for her and teach the same lessons to all of us. They include her near-death experience, spiritual healings, restructuring of her body, gaining an enhanced soul, learning of and living parallel and simultaneous lives, X-ray vision, and visits with friends and family after their deaths, both here and on the other side.

These experiences, when viewed together, have created a motivating and positive story that plays out much like the movie Field of Dreams times ten because it also had endless, seemingly coincidental events that were far too numerous to be coincidental in truth. As it turned out in the film and in Jenna’s life, these coincidences were nothing more than fate.

The plot thickens when Jenna recounted how the God-like Beings orchestrated a meeting for her with the late Doctor John E. Mack, Professor at Harvard Medical School and renowned alien researcher. Through her work and ten years of communication with Doctor Mack; Jenna uncovered shocking revelations that will be very intriguing and illuminating for the people of Earth. After her first meeting and regression with Doctor Mack, he documented her story as authentic and uncommon.

Doctor Mack went on to say; ‘After meeting with Jenna and performing a regression on her, it is my opinion that her experiences of alien encounters are authentic. Her encounters are less common because they have been with various intelligences, such as humanoid Light Beings, and not limited to the Greys. Jenna’s encounters have had a powerful impact on her spiritual evolution and sense of her own power. They have allowed her to discover capacities for healing and being of service to other people.’

Here’s hoping you will read this book with an open mind and take from it the information that rings true to you. We hope that you have as many Aha! moments as Jenna has had and that you gain a new view of reality that makes a lot more sense than the one you previously had. Most importantly, we hope this book brings faith back to those who have lost even a small portion of it, as that is the Enlightened Beings’ and our intended purpose for this book. This book is only a small part of Jenna’s destined mission; however, it is a very important one.

** The Team Leader for The Nine has made his first public appearance in modern times. See his portrait on the ‘Meet the Team Leader for ‘The Nine’ page’.

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