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I have a very dear friend who is dying with terminal stage 4 ovarian cancer that has spread throughout her body. She is very frightened and I would love to acquire Ins and Outs of Heaven’ eBook to read it to her. I really do feel it would help her and make a difference for her. I had another friend tell me that her cousin who just died of cancer was having a difficult time with fear knowing she was going to die and my friend read her ‘Ins and Outs of Heaven’ and it made such a huge difference in her life that just 3 days later she was at peace when she passed away. Then I came across your ad for this very book! I would really love to read it to my dear friend in hopes that I can help her transition in dying to be a peaceful experience for her.

Thank you!



December 2015

I have known Jenna for 39 years. She is the most spiritual person I have ever known. I have watched her live her truths; she really walks the talk.

Jenna has spent her life learning and teaching about the circle of life and life on the other side. I attribute her knowledge on these subjects to the guidance from the nine guides that have been with her throughout life. We have had many conversations about her guidance and some of her messages from these guides. In her writing she shares her uncommon experiences and her knowing the future in advance as we both have watched it come to pass just as she meticulously shared it with me.

Together Jenna and her guides have created this fascinating book, ‘The Ins and Outs of Heaven’ as well as her first book ‘The Legend of The Nine.’ Both books are a must read as they share wisdom that is necessary for the spiritual growth of one’s consciousness.

Gracia Smith

Psychological Research Service


~ Ins and Outs of Brilliance! ~

By Reiki Master on September 27, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

Jenna has written a most poignant and inspirational book that will make you laugh and make you cry. But, mostly it will make you understand more about the subject that most of us are reluctant to talk about. Knowing and teaching are two of Jenna’s most precious talents and she imparts her wisdom and knowledge in such a way that even the most skeptical can benefit and decide which way they choose to continue on their path.

I speak for myself when I say that each one of her two books have delved into subject matter that is deep and thought provoking, and I can only hope there will be a 3rd, 4th, and 5th down the line.

The size of the book is outweighed by the important content and the sheer revelatory information. I give this book five stars. Perhaps Jenna will be the successor to the same kind of inspiration and education of that of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who now also knows “Ins and Outs of Heaven”.

Thank you Jenna!


~ An Enlightened Author has a Strong Message ~

By 1DreamReader on September 18, 2015
Format: Paperback

‘Ins and Outs of Heaven’ was my second book by Jenna Orion. After reading her first book I was intrigued and waiting for this book that would reveal the many messages that Jenna has to share with the world. Jenna has been chosen by a higher force to write this book and deliver special messages to humanity. She has been gifted to receive these special connections and visions. Reading each topic that covers an enlightening experience Jenna shares, I felt a sense of relief and calm wash over me. Each passage blew me away and in a good way. I have lost several loved ones and gained a sense of hope knowing that there is life after death and Heaven is real. I’ve always believed that but reading the many travels Jenna made to Heaven and others in Heaven that have visited her strengthened that belief. I cried when I read the passage about her mother paying her a visit after she had passed on and how her mother let Jenna know all of her beliefs were confirmed and now her mother had to begin a journey of higher spirituality there in Heaven.

Many people have so many questions and worries about death. I really believe reading ‘Ins and Outs of Heaven’ will give the reader hope along with a brighter outlook on death and the life beyond.

I want to thank Jenna Orion for sharing her messages with us as I felt this was intended to do. It is clear Jenna has been enlightened and her wish is for all of us to reach a higher level of enlightenment while we are here on earth.