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‘Stories that bring hope and comfort, while changing history and the meaning of life!’


The Team Leader for ‘The Nine’

Co-author of Jenna Orion books


“The Legend of ‘The Nine’ The Untold Story”


“Ins and Outs of Heaven”

Jenna is pleased to share her fascinating life with you in these two cutting-edge books. 

“INS AND OUTS OF HEAVEN” An inspiring true story that will touch your heart and bring comfort.  It is the account of Jenna’s visits to Heaven along with visitors from Heaven that brought answers to our age old questions, such as: How does the cycle of life truly function, is there life after death, is Heaven a real physical place, will we see our loved ones again who have passed on and how do we get there? In addition, Jenna describes in detail her mind-boggling view into the core of ‘all that is, ever was and ever will be’ where she witnessed how the cycle of life truly functions from the beginning all the way to the beginning.  She explains each topic  that she viewed within the core in detail; allowing you to have the big picture of how our life truly functions as opposed to the view from the outside, quite a difference!


The true story of Jenna’s fascinating and bizarre experiences with ‘The Nine,’ a story that will change history and the meaning of life while bringing hope for us!  It is also the greatest Christmas story ever told!

‘The Nine’ are a group of nine male humans from our past who have spiritually evolved to their current status, yet living today. These humans travel in spacecraft and appear to be as human as we are. What sets them apart from us is the fact that they exude overwhelming God-like love, possess all-knowing wisdom, advanced technology and powers beyond comprehension. They have striking good looks and are approximately 7 feet tall with sturdy physiques; they appear to be of varied universalities just as we have various nationalities. They say they are ‘Brothers of Man’ and ‘Messengers from God.’

They come to Earth from a place Jenna calls home in order to share their knowledge regarding the true reality of life; as opposed to what most of us were originally taught.  They are also here to protect us by sharing information on things to come in the future for our societal, economic and structural Earth changes. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Jenna shares some of the past predictions in The Legend of The Nine. and

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